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Swiss Certification

auxiliary services

  • feeding  3 meals (9 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.)

  • transport  7 a.m. - 6 p.m.


  • pre-babycare 2 months - 1.5 years

  • babycare 1 year - 2.5 years

  • pre-preschool 2 - 3.5 years

  • preschool 3 - 4.5 years

  • pre-kindergarten 4 - 5 years

  • kindergarten 5 - 6 years


  • Α' programme 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • B' programme 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • C' programme 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

school calendar

  • school season 1 Sep. -31 Jul.

  • open summer camp 1 Jul. - 31 Aug.

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foreign languages

  • basic  english, french

  • optional  chinese, german

Holmes Place Glyfada

the school

"The House Full of Laughter" is housed in "Villa Mary" in 600 sq.m. and within a plot of land of 1'000 sq.m.. It was built, organised and staffed following the strictest Swiss and European standards.

Starting with the team, working with human resources specialists and having in mind the experience, the studies and the skills of each prospective employee, we have created a team, which will embrace your child.

Within our space, faithfully adhering to Hellenic law and incorporating the influences of the Swiss and European education system, we have created a "home" using modern materials in which your child will feel the intimacy of his / her home.

The procedures we follow in hygiene, safety, parenting, personal data protection and purchasing of materials are based on strictly certified standards.

Our partners in the supply of food, toys, detergents and other materials are selected based upon quality and distance from our premises in order to respect the environment.


our teachers

"The House Full of Laughter" was staffed by a team of young and experienced people with love for their work and children.

school director

baby care head teacher

pre-preschool head teacher

preschool head teacher

kindergarten head teacher

pre-preschool teacher

baby care teacher

english language teacher

french language teacher

chinese language teacher

ballet dance teacher

gymnastics teacher

music teacher





Angeliki A. MATTA

Evaggelia K. SAMIOU




Christina A. FILIPPA


Alexandros A. LEVENTERIS



our board of advisors

"The House Full of Laughter" is surrounded by a board of prominent professionals in the field and around the training, offering their advice.











Vasiliki A. ANTONTONETSI (M.Sc. Edu)

Dr. Emmanuela MAGRIPLIS



Elena G. RIGOPOULOU (B.Sc. Pharm., MBA)

Eirini A. XIRA (M.Sc. Psychology)

Antonis I. TSENTAS (M.Eng.)


Aglaia S. TSIOKOU (B.Sc.)

Dr.-Ing. Niko Α. ILIADIS


management and operations

"The House Full of Laughter" is staffed by experienced professionals in the field of management and operations

managing director

operations director

financial manager

technical manager

it manager

nutrition manager

quality and security


Dimitris K. LORIDAS

Angelos P. ZARKADOULAS (B.Sc., M.Sc.)

Dr.-Ing. Niko A. ILIADIS (Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Ing.)

Dimitirs V. BOUNTOUVAS (B.Sc.)

Stella K. BALTA

Ilias A. MARGETIS (B.Sc.)


the house

"The House Full of Laughter" is housed in "Villa Mary" at 600 sq.m. and within a plot of 1'000 sq.m., which was built in 1985, according to European standards, as a luxurious country house.  In 2012, the building was completely refurbished to follow the present standards of the Law (Nr. Δ22/οικ. 11828/293 published at ΦΕΚ 1157/2017) of nurseries, preschools and kindergartens.

outside space

The house is located on a plot of 1,000 sq.m. with 500 sq.m. outside open space for play and experiential learning. Free drainage artificial grass of high quality has been placed in the open space. 


All games and the outdoor and indoor space in general have been tested by skilled technicians so that our young friends can play safely.

Outdoor games have been selected to meet the needs of all children regardless of age. They make happy youngsters and adults, and are positioned so that they spread all over the courtyard.


There is a natural shade from pine trees in the surrounding area. So children can play while protected from the sun.

In order to enhance experiential learning, we have installed a greenhouse, manufactured in the USA, where children have the opportunity to plant crops and grow plants throughout the year within a controlled environment.


The three entrances to the school remain securely closed and monitored by a legal and protected closed circuit television system (CCTV).

interior space

The classrooms of the school are very spacious and the environment is aired and lighted properly. The colours, the toys and the creations of the children that decorate the surrounding area are the main theme in the room.

The floors of the building are lined with special anti-shockanti-microbial and anti-bacterial coating without "corners" for deep cleaning. The electrical system starts at 1.5 m and above in order to prevent children from coming into contact with it.

The room is heated with a central oil heating system, cooled by high-efficiency ecological air conditioning and ventilatied through openings. Natural lighting prevails in the rooms.

The equipment of the kindergarten includes a projection room with an audiovisual system.


our processes

"The House Full of Laughter" follows strict and certified procedures in the areas of hygiene, safety, communication and personal data management (GDPR).


The kitchen area has been certified according to the international HACCP standard. HACCP is a systematic precautionary approach to food safety by biological, chemical and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the end product a risk.

All dairy, bakery, legumes and fish are supplied by the largest supermarket chain in Greece, Sklavenitis S.A..

Froutagora Stouraitis

All vegetables and fruits are supplied by the specialised stores, Stouraitis and Co G.P., with experience in their field since 1988.

Φάρμα Χρονά, Παραδοσιακά Κρεωπολεία και Delicatessen

Meat, chicken and cold cuts are supplied by the specialised stores Farma Chrona, with experience in their field since 1971.

School cleaning is done by implementing a professional system from Diversey, following a specific protocol and using certified products.

School cleaning products are eco-friendly, with no hazardous chemicals, specially selected for children's areas, according to Ecolabel standards.

Our facilities have an internal washer and dryer to minimize the movement of linen.


The external entrances to the space are monitored by a legal closed circuit television (CCTV).

The indoor space has a 50-point fire detection system and high-risk areas have an automatic fire extinguishing system.

For all children in the school, there is a private insurance coverage covering accidents.

All school teachers have certified education and training

in first-aiding and life-guarding for adults, children and

infants from the "European Life-guarding School"

communication and personal data

Communication with parents is personalised and at regular intervals. Information and children's photos follow the data protection protocol "GDPR" and only upon written consent of the parent are available at school, on the website and on social media.



"The House Full of Laughter" extends his team and receives resumes. Please feel free to contact us at the email:

Minimum prerequisites is experience of 5 years, English, French or Chinese, and 2 letters of recommendation.